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My Creative Process (Part 2)

Sometimes I have an idea for a glass product in my mind for awhile. Either it isn’t fully formed or I am distracted by other projects. Nevertheless I keep returning to that idea until It becomes real.

I wanted to make a pendant unique to seaside memories. It would include sand and beach shells.

That meant I had to create a hollow container. I went through many efforts which ended in the trash or shards for other projects. The look I wanted to achieve had to be with clear glass and perhaps some aqua or blue to connect with the beach.

After much trial and error, I succeeded. Now for the second part of the process. I added some sea life such as a crab, starfish or sea bird to the outside of the hollow bead. I also added shells and fish. Then it was ready for the kiln.

After the bead and embellishments had cooled, I added sand to the inside of the hollow bead. In the sand, I embedded some tiny shells as well as a pearl. Then I added a bail.

My vision had become reality. I am pleased with the final result.

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