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My Creative Process (Part 1)

I was having lunch with a dear friend and she was wearing a necklace I had made. She said it was one of her favorites. Of course that is gratifying to hear. She could wear it to the supermarket, out to dinner and everything in between. That evening I decided to start one similar. I forgot how long it takes to make. The necklace is 78" long, one continuous strand that I connect. The necklace can be wrapped around two or three times, depending on the look you want. I started with three 1/4" 24K gold tubes, then a size 11 seed bead, then a 8mm Swarovski pearl. I then add six strands of 12 size 15 gold seed beads, that's 72 beads for each pearl. How many pearls ? 58 pearls with 72 tiny beads each, 4,176 gold seed beads. Talk about labor intense. People always ask how long does a project like this take to make. Most of my necklaces take between 10 and 15 hours of serious beading.

Wrap necklace: seed beads, crystal pearls, gold tubes

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