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Linda Drinkard

I started learning to make jewelry in 2005. I studied silver making at our local museum and started turning  objects from nature such as shells, leaves, seed pods and other natural items into silver beads and pendants. 

Next I began adding beads, especially pearls, gemstones and crystals. From there I started learning everything I could, beadweaving, bead crochet, silversmithing, and lampwork.(working with glass on the torch). 


I have taken intense week long classes from glass masters: Corina Tettinger, Elena Hernburg, Jeri Warhaftig and Astrid Riedel.

Now creating beads on my home torch is my passion. I love making beautiful beads and incorporating them into my designs with beadweaving and other needle techniques.

 Featured in Vero Beach  Magazine


Linda at her torch


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